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Making software, occasionally even well.

About Me

Hello out there! My name is Stefan, online I go by "pi" or sometimes "pimaker". I'm a software developer from the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. I'm currently studying at the Technical University of Vienna, getting my degree in CS, as well as working part-time at redacted.

What I Do

I currently specialize in Linux and virtualization development, and have contributed work upstream in several open source projects, including QEMU and the Linux Kernel. I also always have at least {{ random(5, 20); }} side projects open (check out my GitHub!), and am recently also enjoying creative coding and (VR) demoscening quite a lot.

Featured Project

"MCPC" is my biggest personal projects yet: An educational 16-bit RISC style CPU, custom instruction set, runs in software and hardware (FPGA). It comes not only with an assembler, but also a compiler for a C-like language and debugging environment, all written in Go. Check it out!

Contact me!

If you have questions, requests, offers, or anything else to say, you can contact me here:

Social Media

Telegram: @PiMaker
Discord: pi#4219