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About me

Hello out there! My name is Stefan, I'm a software developer from the beautiful country of Austria. I'm currently studying at the Technical University of Vienna, getting a degree in CS.

What I do

I'm a passionate programmer, electronics enthusiast, and in general your typical "IT guy". I always have at least {{ random(10, 40); }} side projects open (check out my GitHub!), while of course also doing university stuff.

Featured project

I made a CPU! Well, it's a rather slow 16-bit RISC style CPU, but it works and is fully implemented in SystemVerilog - meaning it works on a real, hardware FPGA. There is also an assembler and a compiler for a high-level language dubbed "mscr", written from scratch in Go. Check it out!

Contact me!

If you have questions, requests, offers, or anything else to say, you can contact me using these:

Social Media

Telegram: @PiMaker